Sizing - Over The Collar Bandanas

Extra Small: 2"- 3" wide

+ For the itty bitties. The right size for small breeds, kittens, and bunnies.

Small: 3.5" - 5.5" wide

+ A good size for a big cat, a small dog, or a bigger dog going for a subtle bandana look.

Medium: 6" - 8.5" wide

+ Your average shelter pup falls into this area, but make sure to check out our pictures!

Large: 9" - 10.5" wide

+ Big ole babies. A bandana fit for a pooch with some heft.

Extra Large: >11" wide

+ You know when a dog collar looks a bit like it could be a belt? This size bandana is meant for those.

*Custom: I can make just about anything! If you have something specific on your mind, head over to our contact page and you can put in a request!